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  1. It is open to all boys and girls irrespective of caste or creed.
  2. A candidate who seek admission should have completed a minimum of 3.5 years on 1st April 20………. to L.K.G class which is the entry class of this school.
  3. Admission may be considered to those candidates about whom the principal has the opinion that he/she will be able to follow classes in English language.
  4. A calendar month’s notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a student or the fee for one month will be charged. No transfer certificate is issued unless all sums due to the school have been paid.
  5. Application for admission should be made on the attached registration form.


  1. a) A passport size photograph of the child
  2. b) An original birth certificate from the Municipal council (on printed Performa) with a Photostat copy of the same should be submitted at the time of admission
  3. c) Where the name of the child is not mentioned in the birth certificate same should be entered and countersigned by a gazette officer.


  1. Parents must see that the date of birth filled in the application form of their son/Daughter is correct, as it will not be changed afterwards.
  2. This form is valid only for the session of issue.